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Music Assemblies with Mr. Music

The following music assemblies are available to your school.  Performances at your school will be (2) 45-minute shows for grades K-3, and 4-6. Scheduling will be dependent on the availability of the performers, but every attempt will be made to accommodate your school’s schedule.

Mr. Music presents “What is Music” (Three Part Series) is a fun interactive explanation of the fundamentals of music. Part one: Rhythm. Part two: Melody and Par three: Harmony.  Each class attending will get a pre-CD to learn the songs that Mr. Music will sing with the kids. Interactive and fun for all grade levels.

Village Rhythms w/ Onye Onyemaechi.  A virtuoso of African music and culture, Onye creates a safe and sensitive environment using drumming, percussion, dance, masks, costumes and traditional storytelling to build self-confidence, support strong value systems, and improve physical grace and motor skills. Students, teachers and staff all join in the activities.

Dixieland Music  with The Fourth Street 5. Dixieland music is an American invention and one of the happiest music genres on Earth.  This group introduces the kids to the banjo, trombone, clarinet, and  trumpet. How and where Dixieland music was developed brings a good history lesson to the kids.

Italian Music with The Hot Frittatas.  This three piece band features violin, accordion and guitar and performs traditional Italian music, with interesting lessons about where the music came from, how it developed and how it came to America.

The Mariachi Band presents traditional Mexican music the is performed at dances, weddings and special occasions. Dressed in their formal attire this band shows off fiddles, trumpets, guitars and great vocals. It is happy and fun music.

The Didgeridoo Dude. Andy Graham presents the oldest wind instrument on earth and shows the kids how they can easily make and play this instrument.  The deep resonance of this instrument, along with the percussion instruments Andy plays, will have a huge effect on the students.

Body Rhythms w/Kim Atkinson There is no one who can direct a drum circle like Kim Atkinson, and no one who will delight the kids with his body rhythm assembly. The kids will be slapping, snapping, popping and clapping with abandoned joy as Kim directs them in easy to learn body rhythms.

Holiday Songs and Patriotic Favorites w/Mr. Music Bring Mr. Music to your school for a special assembly around holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving or the winter holidays. Kids love to sing the songs from these happy times and Mr. Music will get each class a pre-listen CD to prepare them to sing-along.