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Testimonials about Mr. Music Foundation

About Mr. Music

"Very good. The little kids really liked him. I felt that he had a good energy and the ability to connect with the kids."
~Kindergarten teacher


"Entertaining for the children. Very upbeat. Energizes the kids, but always calms them down at the end of class."
~First Grade Teacher


"Excellent! Engages students. Perfect Choices for the grade level. I love how the music is appropriate for the time of year."
~Second Grade teacher





About Andrew Deveny

"Amazing! He is an excellent teacher. I loved the rhythm sticks and maracas, too. Loved the Spanish to English songs he taught."
~Kindergarten teacher

"Great at teaching the kids songs. Very interactive. The children and teachers look forward to seeing Andrew."
~First Grade Teacher


"My students love Andrew. His multi-cultural choices are great and his attitude is awesome."
~Second Grade teacher


About Both Teachers


"Great Energy! Both Jim and Andrew have alot of enthusiasm for what they do. The students become involved and excited when music begins. The students enjoy music time with them."
~Second Grade Teacher


"Tuesdays are always full of great joy at Guerneville school, because it is music day. Both Mr. Music and Andrew are popular with the students. Kids are constantly singing their songs on campus. Our winter and spring programs have been outstanding since these two have been teaching music at our school. "
~Principal at Guerneville School